It’s not about doing something that’s too little, too late — prevention is much better than cure!

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It’s common for us as humans to live life as if nothing were wrong — which somehow justifies us leading less than satisfactory lifestyles. Even when those aspects of our lifestyles that we do neglect will inevitably result in our health going awry as we age.

In an episode of…

So may health issues can be explained and deconstructed based on the fundamentals of biochemistry!

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But at the same time, all this biochemistry isn’t fully explained to the lay person.

And therefore, many people end up having doubts about their own health without first comprehending that their health is dependent on how the cells in their bodies function — which is, in essence, a biochemical…

Whether orally or intravenously, the route of ingestion makes a huge difference.

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Mannitol is a sugar alcohol that is used as an artificial sweetener for diabetics to enjoy indulge their sweet tooth cravings. An overconsumption of mannitol may also result in the development of bowel spasms and diarrhoea.

Interestingly, it also is a diuretic — it has been shown to help with…

Press releases are starting to say otherwise.

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The US Preventive Task Force is starting to recommend that aspirin NOT be taken for heart disease. It goes further on to mention that

Bleeding risks for adults in their 60s and up who haven’t had a heart attack or stroke outweigh any potential benefits from aspirin.

But the question…

Thermodynamics and kinetics are two completely different concepts.

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Previously, we looked at the concept of the Gibbs free energy (ΔG) in thermodynamic situations. The Gibbs energy of a chemical reaction describes the spontaneity of a reaction occurring at a specific temperature.

For instance, the formation of carbon dioxide from carbon and oxygen has a ΔG value of -394…

The quest for knowledge wants to be as unbiased and altruistic as possible. But not so for its sources of funding…

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The definition of science on is as follows:

Science is the study of the physical and natural world through observations and experiments. Science is all around us. Right now, the fact that you exist and are in the process of reading this lesson is science. The process of creating…

Why do we need to maintain a daily minimum consumption of certain essential nutrients?

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We know that dice rolling is a highly probabilistic event. A normal dice has 6 sides to it, with values ranging from 1 to 6. We’d have a 1-in-6 chance of rolling a 3 if the dice were to be perfectly balanced, for instance.

Then again, what even is ionisation?

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We know of Vitamin C as that nutrient that is particularly beneficial for supporting the functions of our immune system, especially with regards to antioxidant defense or protection against foreign invaders.

But when we’re consuming it, we don’t consider what type of Vitamin C we’re consuming, whether it be ionised…

Medical science is prolonging the lifespan of humans. But what are the unmentioned implications behind that?

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I will posit that most of us humans are afraid of death or dying too early. Even if it is the case that death and taxes are the only two certainties in life. …

Executing the intangibles appropriately makes the difference between good and excellent writing.

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Do we have problems with writing? We’ve been putting pen or pencil to paper as kids, and as adults, we have computers and tablets to electronically key in our thoughts onto word processing software such as Microsoft Word.

Unfortunately, stringing together a coherent and persuasive message isn’t the easiest thing…

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