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  • Kristie Leong M.D.

    Kristie Leong M.D.

    Family physician who believe proper nutrition for optimal health & disease prevention. https://www.histaminedoctor.com

  • John Kennon

    John Kennon

    No where man, living in a no where world.

  • Shawn Seah

    Shawn Seah

    Singapore-based writer and public speaker, passionate about education, social issues, and writing local history and community stories.

  • Malky McEwan

    Malky McEwan

    Curious. Interested in life and how to live it well. Learning with humour.

  • Ono Mergen

    Ono Mergen

    Environmental scientist. Rethinking culture, future, equality, science, and the climate emergency. 🌍 Sustainability, Branding πŸ“§ For projects: ono@onoceans.com

  • peter dohan

    peter dohan

    Ex-surgical pathologist, now a photographer; partnered with a unique Chinese surgeon. Well travelled and full of simple love.

  • Rosie Alderson, PhD

    Rosie Alderson, PhD

    (Hungry) Science Nerd: educator, writer and general foodie.

  • Prateek Dasgupta, M.S.

    Prateek Dasgupta, M.S.

    Top writer in History, Science, Art, Food, and Culture. Interested in lost civilizations and human evolution. Contact: prateekdasgupta@gmail.com

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