It’s not about doing something that’s too little, too late — prevention is much better than cure!

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It’s common for us as humans to live life as if nothing were wrong — which somehow justifies us leading less than satisfactory lifestyles. Even when those aspects of our lifestyles that we do neglect will inevitably result in our health going awry as we age.

In an episode of…

So many health issues can be explained and deconstructed based on the fundamentals of biochemistry!

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But at the same time, all this biochemistry isn’t fully explained to the lay person.

And therefore, many people end up having doubts about their own health without first comprehending that their health is dependent on how the cells in their bodies function — which is, in essence, a biochemical…

Can big corporations be allowed to have their cake and eat it?

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It’s interesting to see lawsuits unfurling in Appleton, Wisconsin for reasons such as preventing employees from resigning. As it is in the case of ThedaCare, which alleges that a majority of its 11-member strong interventional radiology and cardiovascular team were packing up and leaving for their rivals at Ascension.


What does it mean when a product contains hydrogenated vegetable oils?

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We’ve had butter around for so long. Some say it was discovered in 8000 BC in ancient Africa, when a sheepskin container of milk was jostled around in land travel, resulting in the development of a curdled mixture that became known as butter.

Of course, the “problem” that some people…

It’s worthwhile to understand that these muscles will entangle and knot up in the same way that wires do!

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What are the chances that someone hasn’t seen a mess of tangled wires before?

They don’t have to be certified electricians or IT guys working on the tangle of cables that run rampant in just about every server room…

Heck, the wires that we have at home can happily get…

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